A donation run contributed with Wat Rajphatikaram

14 May. 2020
@ Wat Rajphatikaram /600 Households

Bitazza team members and more than 20 volunteers held the 3rd Bitazza Freedom Fund donation activity in collaboration with Wat Rajphatikaram temple. We organised another 2,500 kg. of rice, dry food, and necessary supplies to more than 600 families, over 5,000 people in need. We’re extremely honoured that The Supreme Patriarch of Thailand (Somdet Phra Sangharaja) also contributed.

Freedom Fund Supporters

🏠 Household : 1,600 families
🍚 Rice: 5,125 KG see the receipt
🥚 Egg: 4,082 eggs see the receipt
💧 Drinking Water: 1,110 bottles see the receipt

Freedom Fund Supporters

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