A donation run with COVID Thailand AID

06 May. 2020
@ COVID Thailand AID and Cheuplerng community/ 500 Households

Our team of volunteers joined forces with COVID Thailand AID to pack and distribute care packages to those in need in Chua Phloeng community in Bangkok.

Bitazza also donated 2,500 kg. of rice and drinking water to be assembled into care packages, with other dry food and necessary supplies, to be distributed to 500 families in provinces all around Thailand on Wednesday May 6, 2020.

Freedom Fund Supporters

🏠 Household : 1,600 families
🍚 Rice: 5,125 KG see the receipt
🥚 Egg: 4,082 eggs see the receipt
💧 Drinking Water: 1,110 bottles see the receipt

Freedom Fund Supporters

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