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Freedom Fund is a conscious collective initiative originally planned to allow BTZ tokenholders to vote on how Bitazza donates to causes related to the concept of ‘liberalisation’.
As a result of COVID-19, we have realised the communities around us need help much sooner than we thought.

The Bitazza Freedom Fund has begun! We are organising a series of activities of our own and in collaboration with partners to help as many people as possible who are in need during these tough times with a goal to utilise Blockchain technology for donation collection with the most transparency and accountability.

We may invite some contributors to join us at the donation run, if you are interested please note your interest in your email to us.


Projects completed



Your donation can make a difference



Upon every THB 100 donation you will be rewarded with 10% in BTZ, maximum 10,000 THB worth.


Bitazzans will also be invited to nominate communities in need, and vote on which ones we give priority aid to.


All donations, as well as our spending on Bitazza Freedom Fund is 100% transparent and accountable as all transactions will be on the blockchain.

Bitazza will use 100% of proceeds on donation products only. All other expenses for the donation such as logistics and admin will be borne by Bitazza.
When accumulated funds in all wallets reach at least 30,000 Baht, we will plan our next donation drive and all donation item cost evidence will be shown on the website for full transparency

Those who send from a Bitazza Wallet address will be credited on the Freedom Fund Page based on your Bitazza ID


Make an impact during COVID-19


Help families in need by donating through Bitazza Freedom Fund. A little kindness goes a long way.
*Every THB 100 donation, you will receive 50% back in BTZ.

Make an impact during COVID-19

A donation run with COVID Thailand AID

Our team of volunteers joined forces with COVID Thailand AID to pack and distribute care packages to those in need in Chua Phloeng community in Bangkok.

Completed Activities

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Next Activities

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#NoOneHungry: on progress 1,027 / 5,000 meals

Romklao Community & NongChok Refugee Community
1,027 meals out of 5000 meals so far!
Bitazza team up with Chef Deepanker Khosla feed 500 hungry people every THB 10,000 donation.

Future of Freedom FUND

We have allocated 2% of our BTZ, a total of

60,000,000 BTZ

for Bitazza Freedom Fund.

Bitazza Freedom Fund is Bitazza’s conscious collective initiative. The goal of the fund is to engage with BTZ tokenholders through collective decision making by voting on blockchain related investments and research grants on the concept of liberalisation. BTZ will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 standard.